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Matthew Kenney Cuisine, the integrated lifestyle brand known for providing food connoisseurs with innovative, high-quality culinary, health and wellness products and services, opens its new flagship restaurant, Plant Food and Wine, to 1009  Abbot Kinney in 2015. The warm, welcoming space proposes an attractive selection of locally sourced fare in a seasonally crafted menu, enriched by an extensive wine list of organic and biodynamic varietals.

The restaurant, designed as a communal gathering place, offers a unique experience around delicious, health-conscious food, in the flowing indoor-outdoor setting distinctive of the space. The 70 seat restaurant, marked by reclaimed wood and exposed beams, evokes friendly backyard dinner parties in sunny Southern California, complete with fire pits and blossoming greenery. A private dining and wine. 

Plant Food and Wine by Matthew Kenney coming to Abbot Kinney

rag & bone

1118 Abbot Kinney






The first STAG location is in Austin, Texas and they have now opened a second location at 1338 Abbot Kinney. STAG pairs high end with low, mix vintage classics with new collections, and add the unexpected right alongside the nostalgic. Above all, every item personifies a commitment and passion to providing products with authentic, red-blooded style. Along with their offering of top shelf brands, they also feature one-of-a-kind vintage furniture pieces, artwork, taxidermy, bags, belts, vintage books, classic vinyl albums, and a whole lot more.
STAG is now open on Abbot Kinney.  Check STAG out at 1338 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA.

STAG Provisions for Men now open at 1338 Abbot Kinney

STAG Provisions for Men now open at 1338 Abbot Kinney

STAG Provisions for Men now open at 1338 Abbot Kinney

STAG Provisions for Men now open at 1338 Abbot Kinney

STAG Provisions for Men now open at 1338 Abbot Kinney

STAG Provisions for Men now open at 1338 Abbot Kinney

Timbuk2 is now open at 1410 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice, CA.  Timbuk2 was founded in a San Francisco garage in 1989 by a bike messenger named Rob Honeycutt and they have continuously manufactured in the city’s Mission District ever since. Their product offering has grown to include luggage and laptop bags, but the made in San Francisco custom messenger remains our iconic style and the heart and soul of the company.







Chocolatier Blue is now open at 1522 Abbot Kinney Blvd.  The company has a mission to use the best ingredients on the planet. Chocolatier Blue is on a painstaking search for quality ingredients without regard for price, accessibility, or convenience.

They are drawn towards classical flavors and attempt to execute each perfectly using the freshest ingredients from the start. Each chocolate is treated like a dessert in a fine restaurant with a perfect balance of nuanced flavors to compliment the chocolate.

Chocolatier Blue also makes ice cream on the premises and serves root beer floats, sundaes, and more.






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